Happy New Year and We Are Open Despite Lockdown

Jan 2021

We would like to start off 2021 by wishing you a Happy New Year.  Despite the announcement of lockdown 3 last night, we are hoping it will (eventually) be a much better year than 2020 was for everyone.

Happy New Year

We have lots planned in 2021 and we'll be sharing with you what's happening over the coming weeks.

Despite times continuing to be challenging, we remain open and continue to be here for you when you need us.

We're here for any of your IT, Telecoms or Electrical requirements.  Whether that's enabling you or one of your team to be able to remote work, tweaking your backups, adding security measures to avoid a cyber attack or even if you want a friendly catch up call, our Account Managers and Support Team are all available!

We are starting a new series of our 30 minute free Microsoft 365 webinars in January that will continue throughout 2021 so we will be announcing this schedule very soon.

Our PC's for Charity scheme may look slightly different in the short term as the logistics of a lockdown mirroring the initial one in March of last year make it a little harder to deliver.

In 2020 we helped over 30 Sheffield City Region Charities with donations of PC's or Laptops.  To continue delivering that many we will need YOUR HELP!

We are in need of donations of both PC's and Laptops so if you do have any running Windows 8 or above that you can donate, please contact Rich Davies.

In the meantime, as always, please do stay safe and look after each other!

Take care,
Team Affinity

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