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VOIP Phone Systems

3CX is a software-based IP PBX for Windows phone system which replaces traditional PBX hardware phones.

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Empower your business telephones with 3CX

3CX Phone System is a software based PBX that works with SIP standard based IP Phones, SIP trunks and VoIP Gateways to provide a full PBX solution – without the inflated cost and management headaches of an ‘old style’ PBX. Used by more than 30,000 companies globally, 3CX has been recognized for its innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Easy Installation and Management

Because 3CX runs on Windows, it is easily installed and managed by Windows IT administrators without the need for special telecom or Linux skills. It’s preconfigured to work with popular IP Phones, VoIP Gateways and SIP trunks saving you the hassle of having to configure and manage these devices.

  • No need for extensive telecom knowledge or training
  • Open Standards – Vendor independent
  • Central Control from the 3CX Management Console
  • Choose from popular IP Phones, VoIP Gateways, SIP Trunks

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Take your Extension Anywhere

3CX includes clients for smartphones and Mac or Windows laptops that allow users to use their office extension from anywhere, seamlessly integrated as if they were in the office. Not only are all calls to the office free of charge, but employees can leverage one single number and make a professional impression.

  • Take your extension everywhere you go
  • All calls are free of charge – slash your mobile phone bills
  • Increase productivity – work from anywhere
  • One number – Don’t give out your personal mobile number

Affinity are a 3CX Partner

Halve your Telephone Bill and Increase Sales

With 3CX, companies can reduce their telephone costs by up to 80%, by leveraging SIP trunks, WebRTC, free calling to remote extensions and offices and reducing the number of fixed telephony lines. With the CRM integration, agents get a customer name rather than a number.

  • Save on call costs by lowering mobile and customer service number bills
  • Easily add and remove extensions – no per user licence
  • Know who’s calling with CRM integration -increase customer satisfaction
  • Leverage existing hardware, wiring and low cost open standard hardware

10 Advantages of 3CX Phone System

  1. Software based: Easy to install & manage
  2. Inexpensive to buy and expand
  3. Work from anywhere with iOS and Android clients
  4. Leverage existing IT infrastructure & Server hardware
  5. Save on your phone bill with SIP Trunks & Mobile / Remote clients
  6. Integrated video conferencing using WebRTC
  7. Better customer service with advanced call queues
  8. Integrate with CRM & Accounting software
  9. Standards based – use popular IP Phones, SIP Trunks
  10. Click 2 Call from your website

As a 3CX Gold Partner and 3CX Advanced Certified, we generally recommend Yealink or Snom handsets as they are particularly good value and work very well with 3CX.

SIP Trunks

We can provide you with SIP Trunks from leading providers to link up to your Phone System. All our SIP Trunks are business grade, effective and flexible ways to provide telecoms connectivity for voice calls.

Through the use of SIP Trunks we can help you eliminate the need to purchase ISDN, or local PSTN gateways ultimately lowering telephony costs.  SIP Trunks reduce or even eradicate the costs associated with hardware media gateways.

We are always conscious of business continuity and disaster recovery so we can provide customers with a SIP DR service where in the event of a connection failure a 2nd ip address activates using another internet connection or PBX.

With SIP Trunks from Affinity we can increase the maximum number of calls into your business within 48hrs.  In anybody's book that beats a 4 week lead time on traditional line installs.

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3CX Cloud

Hosted 3CX VOIP Solutions providing Enterprise Class Features for a minimal monthly fee.

Offering the functionality of the On-Premise 3CX installations, we can bundle SIP services with your 3CX subscription to take your telephone system into the cloud for the ultimate in flexibility.

Some of 3CX's End User Clients

Slash Telco and Travel Costs by 80%

3CX Hosted PBX includes clients for smartphones and Mac or Windows laptops which allow users to take their extension with them wherever they go, free of charge! Connect branch offices and leverage low call rates of SIP trunks.

  • Leverage low cost SIP trunk call rates
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase mobility, reachable on one number
  • Attend face-to-face meetings from anywhere

Your Own Dedicated PBX in the Cloud

3CX’s hosted PBX is an ideal solution for your business, providing your own dedicated PBX without the management overhead; yet it is completely separated from and unaffected by other tenants. Keep the flexibility of buying 3CX outright and moving it on premise, while retaining settings and data under YOUR control.

  • Own dedicated PBX – unaffected by other tenants
  • Scalable – move to on-premise as business grows
  • Retain control of your data and settings
  • Choice of SIP trunk providers

A 3CX Platinum Partner and 3CX Advanced Certified, we generally recommend Yealink or Snom handsets as they are particularly good value and work very well with 3CX.  

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