Make Yourself at Home in Sheffield

Jul 2020

As a Sheffield born and bred business we're reyt proud of our background and where we come from and with our home City in mind we're delighted to be backing Welcome to Sheffield's Make Yourself at Home campaign.

Make Yourself at Home has been set up to support Sheffield's local businesses and communities as life gradually moves forward, whilst remembering the safety and comfort of home.

At Affinity we're joining forces with Welcome to Sheffield and on their website you'll see a collection of stories, resources and suggestions to help make the most of our home, and what home actually means these days - whether that’s delicious deliveries, great outdoors, entertainment/culture online or amazing communities.

If you want to get involved by using the ‘Make Yourself at Home’ badge or any of the images yourself, and for more information on the campaign, to join together with other businesses visit their website here.

#SheffieldMakes a great home for Affinity!

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