Microsoft Teams Updates for August 2020

Sep 2020

As Microsoft continue to evolve their Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) offering it's hard to keep up with all of the new additions. In this blog we'll take a look at some of the pertinent additions in August 2020 to the Teams app, which is now the central focus for all things 365.

The meeting experience is high on Microsoft's agenda and here are just a few of the higher profile changes made:

Large Gallery

This brand new feature enables you to put that separate window to good use where you can see up to 49 of your attendee's faces in one single window.  There's no need to flip to another page and keep in mind others can also see you so make sure you remember to stay awake! 

To access large galleries, simply go to “more actions” or the elipsis “” in the meeting controls and select “large gallery.”  Now you have the feature enabled, it’s much easier for everyone to see each other.

Large Gallery*

New Meeting Interface

You’ll have noticed recently when joining a Teams that the video meeting interface has changed. Your meetings will now open in a new window instead of being hosted within the client.

You will also notice that your meeting controls have moved to the top of the screen which makes it easier and more intuitive for you to access the array of call options and features for new and existing users.

New Meeting Interface*

Focus Mode

Part of remote working is the number of distractions that you come across throughout the working day in your home. Whether it’s your children running around behind you or someone at the door, there are a lot of noises to tune out.

Looking at their colleagues/attendee's video feed while they’re watching a screenshare is another distraction and Focus Mode exists to help remedy that issue.

To turn on Focus Mode simply click the elipsis (three dots ...) in the meeting controls section of your call window whilst someone has screenshare turned on. Select “Focus” and Teams will hide the video feed, allowing you to pay closer attention to whoever is sharing their screen.

Together Mode

This is a new feature of Teams we really love at Affinity! 

If you're in a group of at least 5 participants, and a maximum of 49, Together mode allows your Team meeting to be held in a virtual setting, for example a lecture theatre, coffee shop etc to enjoy the feeling of sitting together theatre style in a virtual state.

To enter Together Mode once you’re in a group call click on the elipsis (three dots ...) in the meeting controls select “Together Mode.”

Go on give it a try in your next meeting and if you're curious in the meantime check out the video below to see what it looks like!

Meeting Notes Changes

An added benefit of Teams opening in a new window is that users will have access to a brand new “Meeting Notes” tab.

Whilst you have a video meeting in one window you can have in-client notes open in another window.

To enable Meeting Notes, click on the elipsis (three dots ...) in the meeting controls and select “Show Meeting Notes.” This will open a panel for you to take notes to your hearts content while keeping your meeting window open.

Meeting Notes*

Power Automate Integration

The new feature integration with Microsoft Power Automate (previously Flow) allows Teams to help you streamline your work with workflow automation that is determined by a logic-based automation structure.

The ways to use Power Automate are limitless, you can build them from scratch and also download templates directly from Microsoft.

To give you an example, one useful workflow is the “follow up on a message” template.

In practice, you’re getting ready to go into a meeting, and someone messages you. You might reply with a quick message explaining that you’re going into a meeting and you’ll be in touch. However, the reality is that sometimes you’ll forget to get back to them

Using the “Follow up on a message” template, you can avoid this scenario completely. Simply click on the elipsis that appear next to your colleagues message and set a timer that will remind you when you need to respond to them. You can set the timer to suit how long you assume the meeting will last for and Teams will do the rest.

To access Microsoft Power Automate, open Teams and tap the “Apps” icon on in the lower left of the navigation bar, search for “Power Automate” and select it. Once you tap install, you are all ready to go!

Microsoft Power Automate Integration*

See all the new ways to work in Teams below

To keep abreast of everything that's changing in Teams head 'What's New in Microsoft Teams' on Microsoft's website.

And to learn more why not visit our page on Microsoft 365 or get in touch with us.  You can also learn, hands on, about Microsoft 365 with our series of webinars taking place, details of how to book and the schedule can be found right here

* All images and video supplied by Microsoft.

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