How to Upload Your Own Teams Background

May 2020

Whilst more and more of us work from home and communicate via video call, Teams, part of the Microsoft 365 package continues to evolve at a pace.

In this blog we’ll tell you all about the backgrounds that are available whilst making a call, and how you can create and upload you own background.

Teams recently introduced backgrounds effects, which is a follow on from the “blur” feature which has been available for a while now. 

It allows you to block out your background in the video chat option and gives a professional look. And with many of us working from home offices, front rooms etc. it can also blur any sensitive information which could be behind you.

There are pre-set standard effect backgrounds which are provided for you to use within Teams and these are generally stock photos as well as Microsoft themed ones.

However there is now the option (dependent on the graphic card in your laptop/PC) to upload your own background, which means a completely bespoke version can be put up as your back drop.

Here at Affinity we use our bespoke backdrop for meetings and webinars as it gives a much more professional look than your bookcase for example.

Affinity's Teams backdrop

To create your own background you can get your graphic designer to create something or you’ll need access to some form of design software.  You can use Adobe if you have it or when we created ours, we used free online based software Canva.

The optimum size for your backdrop is 1920x1090px and whilst we were designing ours we took time to make sure any text or pictures fit around the silhouette of the caller.

Once you’ve designed your background simply follow the video below which will show you where to locate the folder the file will need placing in on a Windows 10 machine.

Once you’ve done that simply follow the steps below:

  1. Restart Teams
  2. Begin a call
  3. Go to the ellipsis on your communication bar
  4. Click “show backgrounds effects”
  5. Your background settings will then appear and you can scroll down to where your backdrop will be available to select


Don’t worry if the backdrop looks back to front as other people in the call will see it the right way around.

The team at Affinity can help you get this set up and answer your queries on Microsoft 365 and how it could benefit your business on 0114 362 7000

We also run Microsoft 365 training sessions online which can be accessed below.

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