Millions in the UK at risk from using an old or outdated router!

May 2021

A survey from Which? (as reported by the BBC) has highlighted that millions of people in the UK could be exposed to security risks due to a number of outdated routers and modems being supplied by top UK internet service providers.

Which? surveyed more than 6,000 adults concluding that millions could be using outdated devices. Some models identified have not been updated since as far back as 2016 and without updates there is no guarantee that security issues will have been fixed.

The key issues which have been identified included:

  • Lack of updates
  • Network vulnerabilities
  • Weak or default passwords

Security is a critical part of Affinity’s duty to its support clients, on a daily basis our engineers are monitoring, testing and updating network equipment such as routers and firewalls with the latest software. While keeping your equipment up to date is a crucial element of your IT security, it is all for nothing if you neglect to update weak or default passwords.

Government plans to prevent the use of pre-set passwords will help in a minority of cases, but typically in business environments appropriate policies for setting passwords, updating equipment and monitoring for security compromises are more effective.

Routers are regularly a focal point for cyber-attacks, especially for businesses, as they can store vital and sensitive information about an IT infrastructure. Want to know if your password has been updated and has had all the latest security firmware updates to keep your company safe? Get in touch with us today here.

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