Going for Gold! The IT features you did not know you needed!

Nov 2021

At Affinity, we are experts at providing the perfect IT support for any issues your business may come across. Our support can be scaled to fit your businesses IT structure and is available in three amazing packages. Our gold support is our top package, a package we are really proud to offer our clients.

Why is it so good? Well, it’s proactive, it constantly monitors your IT services in the background and it’s completely hands-off for you!

That means we can spot and sort any issues before you even notice that there is something wrong.

Monitoring your IT services remotely also allows us to identify and manage any training requirements and maintenance for you.

To give you a better insight into the features you get with our gold support package, we have picked our favourite three features:

  • Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) System: our RMM tool allows us to remotely manage and proactively fix any issues which might arise with your IT systems. One of the most difficult things in IT is keeping your systems and records up to date. With our RMM, we can install vital updates directly to your machine, keep an eye out for software or hardware issues and even fix things which may cause you valuable down time – all without the need for us to visit you at your premises. From selected 3rd party software updates to essential Windows updates, we can take care of it all! This proactive approach takes stress out of managing your IT infrastructure and lets you concentrate on your business!
  • IT Documentation Portal: our IT documentation platform is available to all our gold support customers and provides online access to our live records using a product called IT Glue. Nobody likes maintaining documentation!!It’s time consuming and frustrating.Imagine, every critical piece of information about your IT infrastructure recorded in one searchable platform. IT Glue allows us to securely store confidential documentation, processes, usernames, passwords and asset details giving you and your team access without even having to contact us. We’re always here to support you but we find that having a portal for all your sensitive information gives you, and us, peace of mind that information is being properly documented in a secure and easily accessible way.
  • Reporting: we provide our customers with comprehensive reporting for all support tickets and IT assets. Our IT reports give you complete visibility of how your hardware and software assets are performing. Our engineers use this information to spot trends, build insights, and make proactive recommendations on where your IT systems could be improved

This is just a glimpse into the value that our gold support can bring.

There are many other features which come along with having gold support which can transform the way you look after your IT assets.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you get the most out of your IT by calling us on 01143627000

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