Are you Moving into a New Office

Jan 2020

So, you´ve decided to move. There are many reasons why you might have made the decision to relocate (expiry of lease, business growth, location) and whilst moving your business into a new office space is often an exciting time with a fresh start.

It can be potentially stressful. Some surprises and setbacks may be unavoidable, but strong planning beforehand can help you avoid major mishaps. It’s never too early to start planning the move.

Before you choose a new site

When choosing a new location for your business activities, the new site should not only accommodate your growing workforce but also provide the foundations you need for a smooth transition. Some considerations to make before selecting a new site include:

  • What sort of internet services are available? Some services can be unavailable or extremely costly and time consuming to install?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Based on the size of the business, expected growth and onsite equipment, what space will be required? How much onsite server room is needed?
  • Is there enough mobile coverage to satisfy business needs?

Planning for the Move

Once the office space has been secured, work with your IT partner to ensure all technology-related tasks have been planned, delegated and given a due date.

There's always more to it than you first imagine. When meeting with your IT partner to discuss your new office setup, ensure that all required services will be managed by experienced and certified technicians. It should typically include:

  • Consultancy on technologies (virtualisation or physical, cloud or on premise)
  • Advice on the relevant internet connection based on business strategy
  • Running new or additional network points and cables
  • Installation and setup of network system and infrastructure
  • Data migration
  • Disassemble correctly and safely pack equipment from old site and transfer to new
  • Reinstall existing equipment at new site
  • Install any new equipment or software
  • Virus, firewall and other security setup
  • Data protection, back-up and recovery planning
  • VPN setup for remote workers
  • VOIP/phone setup
  • On-site support on move day to ensure everything goes smoothly

Even simple things may get overlooked like ensuring the website displays the new, correct contact information.

Confirmed the move

Once you've confirmed your office move, one of the most important things you should do (particularly if you're a small business), is to have your new internet services prepared in advance as they all have a lead time;

  • Fibre Leased Line - approx. 16 weeks
  • Basic Broadband (ADSL/FttC) - 2-3 weeks
  • EFM – approx. 6 weeks

All times are subject to site survey and capacity on the telephone exchange.

This process can often come with some unforeseen hurdles, but by planning for your new office setup or relocation in advance, you’re more likely to have a smooth, seamless relocation and avoid downtime as you settle in.

Sometimes even simple things may get overlooked like ensuring the website displays the new, correct contact information.

At Affinity, we will provide a project plan to ensure that the outcome of the move provides the best solution for the business based on the budget and agreed well in advance. We would also offer on-site support on move day to ensure everything goes smoothly.

If you would appreciate any advice or even if you are planning an upcoming move, feel free to contact us at Affinity to assist with the project on 0114 362 7000 or get in touch.

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